Class Descriptions

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Baby 1 class (0 to 7months)

is offered as a one-semester introduction to Music Together®. The music activities and materials are especially designed for parents who want to learn as much as possible about music development in infants and also want to be in a class with infants only and their parents/caregivers. After taking a semester of the Babies Class, all children continue with the same group to continue to nourish their musical growth. A great way to meet moms from the area.

mix age

In the Mixed-aged setting the whole family learns how to be musical together. REsearch shows that children learn best in the early years in these informal groupings where at one time a child may be among the youngest and at another time anong the oldest. There are important benefits to being both. Music Together is mostly an adult/child interaction (not a child/child one) and children from Birth-four are all still in "primary music development."

21/2yrs. to 41/2 yrs.old

Families with children this age. siblings are welcome.

Baby 2 ( under 12months)

This class is for babies who are sitting up and ready to crawl and mommys feel their baby should not be mixed with older children.

Pajama Open House

Come experience t how learning Music can be so much Fun for your child.   Have your child dressed in their favorite

Pajamas and bring Teddy/Blankie to cuddle  with Story Time and Sing our Award winning Lullabies!